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mad: I have received my order already, very efficiens, will order again in the future.
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Fast service. Good packaging. excellent service

Submitted : 72 months ago by rasdi

fast delivery.. safe & nicely packed.. good job

Submitted : 83 months ago by john

thanks. i get my item.

Submitted : 92 months ago by aben

I love insprial condoms I love extera room for my head rubing the Condom around my head and it very pleasureble

Submitted : 95 months ago by Tim

Good service...... Fast delivery

Submitted : 98 months ago by :)

TYVM you've solved all my pbroelms

Submitted : 99 months ago by Daneiri

Excellent. i am 100% trusted of your online condoms store. Within 2 days, i received my items. Will order again in the future.

Submitted : 100 months ago by Sam

Discreet, reliable and fast. Makes it easy for a shy person like me. Thanx!

Submitted : 103 months ago by Shaye

Good service :)

Submitted : 107 months ago by Vein

Takes only 2 days to receive my order. Very reliable and secured web store. Thank you!

Submitted : 109 months ago by Tan

Oh yeah, fabuouls stuff there you!

Submitted : 113 months ago by Jody


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Durex 3 pcs Condom 10 in 1 Pack - 30's
RM76.60 for 0 box

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